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The Naval Diaries now, in ebook or print.
About The Navel Diaries
People might wonder:  "Why on earth are you keeping a navel diary?"  

Well, it's like this:

Have you ever slipped and fallen on an icy sidewalk?  Just walking along, going somewhere, oh hum dee ho, enjoying the day and out of nowhere--BOOM--you're on the ground.  If that's happened to you, you know the feeling:  surprise at how quickly the ground came up to meet you, shock that it happened to you, discomfort from the cold hardness under you, dismay at the thought that someone else may have seen you go down and is now sniggering about it from their vantage point down the block.

That's exactly what happened to me.  I was just strolling through life, going somewhere, oh hum dee ho, having a great time and--BOOM--my navel got old. No more glorious in-ey. It's an old out-ey now. I didn't see it coming, this coming of age.

So, I'm sitting on my butt here on this icy patch of older-ness, surprised and shocked, assessing the damage before I try to get to my feet again. I'm not injured, nothing's broken. I'm just a little stunned, had the wind knocked out of my sails for a minute there.  I don't know if I've still got it in me to "scramble" to my feet but I'm getting up.  I'm picking myself up and re-gathering my packages. I need everything I've brought with me so far, plus a whole new wardrobe of ideas.

The Navel Diaries encourages high hopes and forward momentum in coming of age
Diann Logan
How I Lost My Belly Button and Found Myself
Diann Logan pursues various interests besides exploring the mysteries and quirks of maturity. When she’s not navel gazing she is likely to be quilting. Her involvement with quilts spans decades and she has contributed much to the field. She has authored, designed, exhibited, taught, lectured, been commissioned and collected, and made over two hundred quilts. She is the author of Designs in Patchwork (Oxmoor House, 1987) and her designs and patterns have appeared in numerous other publications ranging from Ms. Magazine to Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine. Her first large scale appliqué quilt, Freedom Wreath, was selected as Colorado’s representative and awarded a Judge’s Choice Award in The Great American Quilt Festival, an exhibit to celebrate the Statue of Liberty Centennial. She is a recent contributor to The Quilt Life and Generation Q Magazine and spends time in her sewing room completing the collection of the dozens of quilts she made with her father during his last years. Visit diannloganquilts.com to stroll through the gallery of her quilts.

She is a member of Colorado Authors' League and The Colorado Quilting Council.  She is a faculty member of University of Colorado Denver and lives in Arvada, Colorado with her husband and their spoiled spaniel. The Navel Diaries is her second diary. The first one is safely locked in its little cedar box with the names of old boyfriends carved on the lid. The key was lost long ago, but she can still pick the lock with a bobby pin.